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The 1962 St. Tammany Hospital Report

 In 1962 a status report was given for the relatively new St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington. The report was part of a Covington SesquiCentennial tour. Here is that report:

The St. Tammany Parish Hospital was opened in December of 1954, with a total capacity of 30 beds. The hospital was built at a cost of $350,000, half of which was an out right grant from Hill-Burton Funds, and the other half has and is being obtained from tax millage. In 1958, a 15 bed addition was made to the Hospital. The present 1962 bonded indebtedness of the hospital is $66,923, which indebtedness will be retired with bonds in 1978.


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At the present time, the hospital is operating at 126% occupancy, and plans are underway to increase the bed capacity to 88 beds, which will include new facilities for the operating room, obstetrical department, nursery, x-ray, laboratory and other services.

"This we hope will be obtained by another grant from Hill Burton, and a revenue bond issue, wherein the hospital itself will retire the bonds with no additional taxation being involved," according to the report.

In a comparison between 1961 and 1962 activities, it was noted that:

In 1961 some 2434 patients were admitted to the hospital while in 1962, some 2611 patients were admitted.

In 1961 there were 11,707 total patient days while in 1962, there were 15,037 total patient days.

In 1961 there was an average daily patient count of 32.3,  while in 1962, there was an average daily patient count of 41.6.

In 1961 the average number of days stayed per patient was 5.4, while in 1962, the average number of days stayed per patient was 6.4.

In 1961 there were 592 operations performed, while in 1962, there were 726 operations performed.

In 1961, there were 2514 X-ray examinations, and in 1962 there were 3473 X-ray examinations on record.

Finally, in 1961, there were 15,522 clinical laboratory tests run, and in 1962, there were 19,925 lab tests run. 

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