Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 vs. 1965

You will find below some videos that compare aerial views of the Covington area taken in 1965 (black and white) with the Covington area of 2017 (color). Thanks to the miracle of Google Earth, we can fade from present day Covington to the Covington of 52 years ago.

Just click on the images for a video that fades back and forth between those two years. You may wish to click on the "Full Screen" symbol in the bottom right corner of the video [ ] to see it in full screen mode.

The first one we look at shows Claiborne Hill...

The next one shows downtown Covington, all the way down to the St. Paul's School campus...

The one below shows west Covington, all the way down to St. Tammany Parish Hospital at the bottom. 

The next one shows U.S. 190 with Harrison Ave. at the top and Three Rivers Road going off to the left. 

The one below shows the Wal-Mart/Home Depot Shopping Area of 2017 compared with the Pretty Acres Golf Club area of 1965.  For more information about the Pretty Acres Golf Club owned by Louis Prima, CLICK HERE.

Finally, the Interstate 12 bridge over the Tchefuncte RIver area.