Saturday, July 22, 2017

Racing at the Fairgrounds

New Orleans wasn't the only community having horse races at the fairgrounds. For many years, horse racing was held at the St. Tammany Parish Fairgrounds in Covington.  Here's a Farmer newspaper from August 26, 1916.

And, indeed, there was racing at the fairgrounds, as the picture below illustrates.

A Horse Race Ad from 1917

Farmer Article August 4, 1917

Below is an aerial photograph taken in 1975 that shows a portion of the oval horse race track at the Parish Fairgrounds in Covington. Columbia Street is at the top, cutting across the top right corner. In this photograph, the Covington Community Center is seen at the top right corner, and the baseball diamond north of it is still there. It has now been relplaced by the Louisiana National Guard Readiness Center.

The oval track is still visible in aerial photographs taken recently of the fairgrounds.