Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lyon High (Covington) Graduating Class of 1942

Here's a photo of the graduating class from Lyon High, Covington, in 1942. Click on the image to make it larger. 

Bottom row: Cloa Holden,, Marguerite Sharpe, Rita Stire, Erma Lee Russell, June Koepp, Madeline Dunn, Audrey McMurray, Ellen Simmons, Cora Lee Findley, Jo Alice Bougere, and Elaine Magee. 

Second Row: Elizabeth Schroeder, Gloria Bischof, Dorothy Jenkins, Hazel Kennedy, Margie O'Keefe, Betty Hard, Alta Williams, Caro Pearl Rousseau, Ollie Ball, Helen Sandifer, Mary Phillips, and Dorothy Watts. 

Third Row: Virginia Long, Gloria Bradburry, Meda Koepp, Lois LaCroix, Evelyn Taylor, Elva Kennedy, Anna Lowe, Joyce Davenport, Muriel Erwin, Janice Pierce, Mildred Wehrli, and Lorraine Lester.

Fourth Row: Lawrence Peters, Sidney Grantham, Flasdick Hawkins, Sidney Huval, Aaron Fitzgerald, Jack Lee, Zack Lee, Alex Ferrer, Frank Shortridge, and Harold Burns. 

And in addition, here is the football and basketball teams for that year...

Source: Jimmy Holden on Facebook: Remember Covington page.