Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dixie Trail Ride

Every so often, a wagon train of covered wagons and horseback riders would thread through downtown Covington on its way to Baton Rouge. That was the Dixie Trail Ride, an event in which regional horse riders loved to take part. The Dixie Trail Ride began in 1978 and lasted until 1995. It usually took place in January or February. 

It took nine days to get from Covington to Baton Rouge for the 62 mile trip, with approximately 20 wagons and dozens of horseback riders taking part. At night the group would stop at pre-designated campsites and enjoy dinner, music and dancing. 

In Baton Rouge, the Trail Ride would meet up with other trail rides coming from different parts of the state, all heading for the Baton Rouge Rodeo and Parade.

Click on the article below for a look at the Dixie Trail Ride in 1984.

Here are some pictures, click on them for a larger size. 

Being welcomed by Mayor Villere