Thursday, September 29, 2016

May Day Festival Pictures

May Day was a big holiday at Covington Grammar School with pageantry and plays. In 1951, this group performed "The Wizard Of Oz" on stage. Click on the images to see a larger version. 

Tentative identification of the 1951 troupe is as follows: top row, from left to right, Virginia Smith Giles, Jack Blossman, Linda Ernst (?), Henry Schoultz, Edna Blossman Bulloch, Billy Beal, Jackie Heintz (?), Ray Pond, Beth Allen (?), Tissie Warner Gibson, Stanley Jacobs, Lucie Herbert Comenge, and Billy Ezell. On the front row, from left, are Archie Julian as the Tin Man, Ronnie Fortier as the Lion, and Heintz Taylor as the Scarecrow. Question marks indicate that the person identifying the individuals was not absolutely certain. 

Here's the group May Day Festival Picture from 1948

The identification of the people in the photograph above went as follows: Bottom Row, left to right, Herbert Cannon, Meredith Lyons (?), Johnny Coltora, Adele Mayfield (?), Lynn Ellen Becker Wheeler, Pete Saul, Nancy Alford (?), James Jenkins, and Judy Forshag. Second row, left to right, Lloyd Cambre Jr., Virginia Smith Giles, Archie Julian, Tissie Warner Gibson, Dianne Buquoi, Peggy Caserta (?), Paul Knight, Patricia Sumrall (?), and Paul Lacroix, Jr. Top row, from left to right, Bain Ellis, Lucia R. Resch, Bobby Prats, Joyce Bruhl (?) Billy Planche, Muriel Smith Blossman, Wayne Dugas, Jeannie Warner Schoen, Richard Blossman, Nancy Jo Thompson (?), Eugenie Terrebonne (?), Gary O'Keefe, Beryl Gill (?), Donald Morgan, Ruby Nell Willie (?), and Eddie McCraney. 

And still yet, another May Day Festival Picture from the early 1950's featuring Covington Elementary School students.

This photo is of the 1949 May Day Festival and didn't have any names attached to it.

The focal point of the whole May Day celebration, the May Pole Dance. This picture was taken around 1918 at the Covington Presbyterian Church.