Monday, January 15, 2018

A Key Covington Corner

When Columbia Street was the main commercial street in Covington, its intersection with Rutland Street was a key location due to the nearby boat landing. The daily boat arrivals and departures brought many people and much cargo into town, and many people boarded the vessels along with numerous boxes and bales of farm produce to head down the river and over the lake to the big city. 

Here are several views of the northwest corner of Columbia Street, looking from mid-block southward towards Rutland St. Click here to see the location on Google Maps.

The picture above is from the 1970's, when White's Stores occupied the location. The blue building on the other side of Rutland St. is Poole Lumber Co. It was located in the area where formerly there had been a blacksmith and buggy shop.

The second picture is from the early 1980's when the building was renovated for use as a car dealership. In 1975, Poole Lumber company had moved north of town to a new facility on 60 acres. 

Today, 2018, the corner view looks like this, with Heritage Bank occupying the key location. On the other side of Rutland is the entrance to the Columbia Landing Park.

A Business Map from 1898 

 An early view northward up Columbia from Rutland St.

 The view southward on Columbia from Boston St. towards Rutland