Thursday, May 5, 2022

Don Dubuc Tells About Rivers

 Don Dubuc, area broadcaster who focuses on outdoor sports and fishing, was a guest speaker at the Folsom Scenic Rivers Art Festival Sunday afternoon. Dubuc has been talking about St. Tammany rivers, bayous and marshlands for over 30 years, on television, radio, and now even YouTube with his Bayou Wild channel.

In the 1970's Don Dubuc had a radio show on WARB radio station, Covington. Click on the image to make it larger.

He was introduced at the festival by Frank Richerand, owner of the Giddy Up Coffee Shop and Far Horizons Art Gallery. Dubuc talked about the changes he has seen over the years in St. Tammany. Click on the link below to hear his overview of St. Tammany waterways and their importance to the area. 

To hear Don's talk to the festival,
click on the play triangle below.

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