Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Ode To K-Mart

On the occasion of the K-Mart being demolished in Mandeville
Gone is the blue light special,
The store known as K-Mart
When Christmas season rolled around
It's where we all would dart
From the long lunch counter,
To the racks of shoes,
From the auto service center
To fabric of many hues.
Nothing beat the wide array,
Garden center full of plants,
The hardware section with all its tools,
All the shirts and skirts and pants
We will miss you K-mart
You brought us lots of joy
Popcorn, videos, health goods too
And now and then a toy
The balloons were great, the CD's cool
The greeting cards were neat
The memory of shopping with our friends
At K-mart can't be beat
As you go to retail heaven
And the sweet buy and buy
Say hello to our old friends
Especially TG&Y