Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Tourist Commission Brochure

 In its never ending quest to share visitor information about St. Tammany Parish, its healthy lifestyle, scenic rivers, rolling hills and great variety of parks, the St. Tammany Tourist Commission published this brochure a few decades ago. 

There's no date on it, but take into consideration these observations. 

Ozone Air was still being advertised, so this was before ozone was a bad word, and researchers had determined that it was actually terpene put out by pine trees that made the air so health-inducing. 

The citizens band radio channel 9 was mentioned as a source of help for motorists. Highland Park Hospital in Covington was among the medical facilities listed. The Saddlewood Horse Farm near Waldheim was in operation and hosting an annual horse show.

Among the hotels listed were Colby Inn, Bob's Motel, Holiday Inn (Covington), Mount Vernon Hotel, Ozone Motel (Mandeville), Ramada Inn, Scottish Inn and Star Motel. Campgrounds listed included Money Hill Plantation and Lake Ramsay. The list of golf courses included Pretty Acres Golf Club.

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On the map DeLetes Bayou is labelled where Cane Bayou is today

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Unfortunately, they misspelled the word "pirogue."

From the Louisiana Digital Archives, here is a photo of Saddlewood Farms, 1970s. The caption reads " This giant horse ranch, near Covington, Louisiana, is the home of the Louisiana State Equestrian Team, which has won several championships and honors over the years representing the state in horse shows and equestrian performances throughout the South. Interested riders from all over America came here to learn the fine points of riding from the Farm's master instructors, and shows are performed throughout the year which are open to the public."