Thursday, May 26, 2022

The 1987 Parish Fair Booklet Photo Album

 Thirty five years ago the St. Tammany Parish Fair Association published its 1987 Fair Booklet, packed with photographs, names, and a long list of activities and events. The fair magazine listed a number of persons who had been honored for their service and dedication over the years, thanking its pageant winners, its livestock exhibitors, and its senior citizens and family living exhibit booth participants. 

Here are some photographs from the book. 
Click on the images to make them larger and more readable. 

The 1987 Fair was dedicated to Sylvia Rivers

Sylvia Rivers in 1989

Officers and Division Officials

Special mention was made of the 1985 Fair Dedication
that had gone to the Jourdan family as a group

The 1986 fair was dedicated to Robert C. "Paw Paw" Delatte

Also in 1986, the Cyp Schoen Educational Building was dedicated

Kelle Harper won that year's Fair Scholarship

Stacy King was named Miss St. Tammany Parish

Elizabeth Pearce won the Junior Miss St. Tammany title.

Baby Contest Winners

Opening Day Ceremonies with Mayor Ernest Cooper of Covington

Parade Photos

Bill Strain political ad was one of many in the fair booklet
It was an election year

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