Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ribbon Cuttings From Way Back

 I found a stack of old black and white photographs showing ribbon cuttings throughout the area from many years ago. Here they are, with as many people identified as I could remember. Click on the images to make them larger. 

Ribbon cutting of Picture This Frame Shop, with Dave Diamond in front, with Debbie Wilson Diamond, Earl Wilson and his wife Helen, center, and Mayor Ernest Cooper of Covington at center right. Emily Diamond at far left.

A Folsom ribbon cutting with Mayor Vera Faye Forbes in the doorway

Slidell Ribbon Cutting with Mayor Frank Cusimano (I think), Larry Breland at the right and Webb Hart in back of Cusimano with head turned to the side

Ribbon cutting for Hutch’s Honda in 1975. Pizzie Romano, Gene Dodd,  Fred Seal, Marvin “Hutch” Hutchinson and Donald Primes

Pete Fitzmorris (at right) cuts the ribbon for Folsom area project with Billy Graham, Floyd Rogers and Angus Rogers

Mayor Bernard Smith cuts the ribbon for a Mandeville area First National Bank branch, along with Ernest Prieto, Pat Monroe, and Fred Blossman.

Mayor Ernest Cooper of Covington cuts the ribbon for the Beef N Bun hamburger place at Tyler and Eighth Street. The curved brick archway was a great architectural feature. 

The crowd mills around at some grand opening somewhere.
On the back was written "L'Image Celebrated"

Police Juror Dutz Baudot (Mandeville) cuts the ribbon

Mayor Bernard Smith of Mandeville cuts the ribbon. Dan Smith is on the back row, far right. Written on the back was "The Live Lobster"

Spring Crest Draperies ribbon is cut by Vic Johnson


Ribbon Cutting for the Annadele's Plantation Restaurant 
December, 1984

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