Friday, December 30, 2016

Abita Brewery Tour

Being a tourist in your own home town is sometimes a challenge, but in the Covington/Abita Springs area, it is relatively easy. Just go over to the Abita Brewery and take their tour. It's fun, educational, and thirst-quenching. 

There are a lot of facts and interesting statistics shared during the tour, such as how to make beer, how to make different kinds of and flavors of beer, and how to bottle, can, and keg enough beer to satisfy the world's demand for Abita Beer (which is growing daily). You can find many of those statistics on their website if you need details. 

The French Quarter design for the new building

Of course, the beer is made with Abita Springs water, which makes it special right from the beginning. Many of their other ingredients come from around the world, and they use highly specialized microbrewery equipment that's state-of-the-art. Not only do they make a pretty fine bunch of beers, they are also experts at the fine art of marketing those beers, complete with great graphics, advertisement themes, and T-shirts, not to mention coming up with the most favored flavors and naming the different beers to appeal to different tastes.

If you are a fan of stainless steel, you'll be impressed by the tour of their newly-expanded facility, since it features many stainless steel vats, tanks, and pipes. Here are some pictures. Click on them for a larger size.

A French Quarter style patio

Just a few T-shirts for your consideration

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More Pipes

Hot Pipes




Even more pipes

More tanks

Even more tanks.