Monday, April 24, 2017

Champagne Grocery

A long established business in Covington was Champagne's Grocery on Columbia Street, between Lockwood and Gibson. Click on the images to make them larger.

An Advertisement from 1935

The grocery building today

The store opened in 1919, with Thomas Champagne as proprietor. It was being run by Robert Champagne when it closed in 1979, looking pretty much the same as it had for decades with its original counters still in place.  

Champagne used two tree truck sections as chopping blocks for meat cutting, and he made sliced ham and po-boy sandwiches for his regular customers. Robert's daughter Patricia Champagne Massoth remembered that the store had sacks of dry beans that the kids would all come in and mix together. "Another attraction for the children was the candy counter. The kids just loved our penny candy," she said.

Champagne was delivering groceries to his homebound customers even in the last days of the grocery. It was a practice that had been offered since the early days. "My father's clients were some of the elderly ladies in town," she said. "and he would take their orders and have the groceries delivered to them."