Thursday, April 27, 2017

Principals Provide Fund-raising Incentives

School Principals will do almost anything to ramp up the excitement for students engaged in some sort of competition or fund-raiser. Here's one principal at a Covington school getting pies thrown at her as a result of some contest at the school that had reached its goal.

Back when Bill Brady was principal of Covington Elementary School, he promised that if the kids sold enough Christmas wrapping paper to reach a fund-raising goal of $3000, he would kiss a pig. 

Well, to his surprise, that promise was a very strong motivation for those students (and their parents), and the goal was reached and one day Bill found himself face to face with his new friend. The news media was called, the kids were gathered in the playground, and Bill (with some hesitation) leaned over and kissed the pig on the snout, much to the delight of the children who had apparently been waiting for this day with much anticipation. 

Later Bill said it was a rather disappointing experience. "She never calls, she never writes, it's like she's totally forgotten about me," he said with his usual sense of humor. Here are some of the pictures. 

Bill Brady and his friend