Thursday, October 25, 2018

Steamboat Arrivals Met By Band in 1914

Back in September, Maunsel White shared some photographs from the "Ain't There (dere) No More - New Orleans" Facebook group. 

They showed the Lake Pontchartrain Steamboat "Louis Dolive" docking at Mandeville and scores of people getting off the boat, walking down the pier, and getting on horse-drawn carriages on Lake Drive. The parade of people was led by a brass band, so it must have been a celebration of some sort. 

Here are the pictures:

Mandeville ca. 1914: The steamer Louis Dolive approaches the pier to disembark passengers to the interurban railcar that waited on the pier to take passengers to Abita Springs and Covington.

And the band played on....

This picture reminded me of a paragraph from a 1902 New Orleans newspaper article about Mandeville. 
"Mr. J. Band has a large livery stable and vehicles enough to send out a pleasure party of seventy five or 100 people. By special arrangement he sometimes meets visitors at the train or boat, when there is no little jesting about having the honor of being "met by a Band." Mr. Band is one of the progressive citizens of the town and is a member of the city council."

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