Saturday, March 20, 2021

Columbia Street Juxtaposition

 In the early 1990's Paul Swain in Covington took a lot of pictures of Columbia Street in Covington, particularly in the 400 block, where he purchased an old building. He took pictures and shot video of the building, its surroundings and the progress being made on the structure's rehabilitation. 

 Then, last year, he took more pictures and shot more video of pretty much the same scenery, from the same angles. Here is a video containing both sets of those images, half from the early 1990's and half from 2020, interspersed to fade from 30 years ago to last year, then back again. It's an interesting journey. Click on the "play triangle" below to get it going.

To view the video on YouTube, CLICK HERE

To enlarge the view on a desktop computer, after the video starts playing, put the cursor over the video frame and just click on the [ ] symbol in the bottom right corner above to make it go full screen. Bret Breve helped in the editing of the video.