Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Art of HJ Smith

 Taking a camera into H.J. Smiths Sons General Merchandise Store in Covington is a rewarding experience. There are plenty of sights, textures and lighting effects to explore. Personally I like the wood grains and museum displays, especially the old tools hanging on the wall. Combine that with the architecture of the building itself, and a photo exhibit springs forth.

Here are some photos I have taken in and around H J Smith over the years. A few of them have been run through photo enhancement software to create a specialized effect. Click on the images to make them larger.



H.J.Smith's Sons General Merchandise store windows - Imagine standing inside this store, shopping. The year is 1887. You look out this exact same window to Columbia Street, and it is filled with horses and wagons and oxen. It's very dusty outside, because the street is just dirt. A boat whistle has sounded in the distance, and people are heading down the street to the schooner landing to pick up the weekly mail and welcome visitors from across the lake. There are no light poles, no traffic lights, no telephone wires.

Inside the store the shelves are filled with things you need

The wagons going up an down the street, hitched to ox teams

Buckets and barrels and bricks

A display of the bricks available from St. Tammany brickyards. 
Tools, clocks and entertainments



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