Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Farmer's Market: A Poem

 It's Thanksgiving, so the Farmer's Markets may be winding down. Just keep them in mind when you can, however. Here's a poem to help.

There's a place that can't be beat,
and every week you'll find
A wide array of things to eat
Every color, every kind.

Of vegetables and produce
Of fruits and nuts and more
The best in homegrown goodies
As good as any store.

Towards downtown you will head,
Take your car and park it,
As close as you can get it to,
The local Farmers Market

Sing a song for celery,
Give brussels sprouts their due,
Love apples to their very core,
Throw in a pear or two

We all care for carrots,
They bunch, they crunch, and stew,
And a basket full of broccoli,
May just cure what ails you

Let us all like lettuce,
Both iceberg and romaine,
Then there's cheese, if you please
And maybe sugar cane.

Tomatoes and potatoes,
Plus time to talk with friends
Drink a cup of coffee
And the music never ends.

If it's honey that you seek,
You'll find it there as well
And jars of jams and jellies
Are certainly to sell.

The farmers and the growers,
Each season bring their own
Things they planted in their fields,
Produce that they have grown.

To share them with your family
The healthy and the best
Fruits and vegetables
With which they have been blessed.

Cheers for all those who plant,
Who water, weed and wait
To harvest, haul and sell it all
Within the Market gate. 

Happy Thanksgiving 

Slidell's Camellia City Farmer's Market 

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