Saturday, November 28, 2020

Father Rouquette and the Cabin in the Oak

 Located not far from the banks of Bayou Chinchuba, just off the present day U.S. 190, Father Adrien Rouquette (also known as Chahta-Ima) built a cabin in 1870 from which to minister to the local Native Americans. 

According to the City of Mandeville website, the cabin was called "Kildara," which meant "Cabin in the Oak."  

Kildara, the cabin in the oak built by Father Rouquette

 "This was the last of the five cabin-chapels built by Father Adrien Rouquette to minister to a severely diminished population of Choctaws after the burning of their village and chapel 'the Nook' by 'jayhawkers' in Lacombe during the final days of the Civil War," the Mandeville history states. "The site was chosen for its proximity to a Choctaw settlement, cemetery and massive live oak tree which became known as the Pere Rouquette Oak."

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