Monday, November 9, 2020

Food Bank Resale Shop Re-locates

 When the brand new warehouse and distribution center for the Northshore Food Bank opened up on West 30th Avenue in Covington last year, that left its smaller original warehouse on Columbia Street empty. 

But not for long, because the food bank's thrift store, which was located next to O'Keefe Feed & Seed Store in the next block for many years, just picked up and moved into the old food bank quarters.

After the building was spiffed up a bit and all the merchandise moved, the thrift store re-opened and offers a wide variety of bargain-priced items, with a steady stream of donations delivered to the storage area on the side street. Its main purpose is to help raise funds for the food bank operations a block away.

Inside the shop there are clothing, housewares, toys, suitcases, CD's, DVD's, frames (both empty and with pictures,) some artwork, leather goods and jewelry.

Here are some photographs of the new food bank Resale Shop location. Click on the images to make them larger.

Seasonal items

Toys and kitchen ware

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