Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Covington Food Bank

The history of the Covington Food Bank is one of people coming together to help people. Its name is now Northshore Food Bank and here is a link to the  Northshore Food Bank website. 

"The Northshore Food Bank was originally founded as the Food Bank Inc. of St. Tammany on May 21, 1984, and was located at 342 Columbia Street. The idea for a food bank was planted at a meeting of the Ministerial Alliance of Covington by Deacon Skip Grafanini of St. Peter Catholic Church who later went on to become the director of the food bank in January of 1985. 

Deacon Skip

Nine churches in the ecumenical group took the lead and provided the food in the early weeks of operation. The nine churches involved in establishing the Food Bank were Christ Episcopal Church, Covington Presbyterian, Dove Park Church of God, First Baptist of Covington, First United Methodist Greater Starlight Baptist, Holy Trinity Lutheran, St. Peter Catholic Church and Shepherd’s Fold Church of God. 

As the Food Bank grew so did the number of churches involved in the endeavor increasing to 20 and then to 37. The churches took on full responsibility of providing all the food for the Food Bank without receiving any federal, state or municipal funding. Deacon Skip and the Food Bank ran on the philosophy “Whatever we give is, in reality, theirs, which God in His goodness gives to all. We are merely, in justice, sharing the abundance which we have taken for ourselves.” 

The churches served 40 families per week in the first year of operation and by their first anniversary had 30 trained volunteers.

 In keeping with the philosophy of Deacon Skip, the Food Bank relies heavily on community donations with approximately 30% given by Second Harvest, a Feeding America Agency. Currently, the Food Bank serves close to 375 families a week and benefits from the generosity of more than 100 regular volunteers, some of which volunteer on a weekly basis."

The first article announcing its operation
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