Monday, December 11, 2017

History and Holly Home Tour 2017

A large number of Covington residents as well as visitors from out of town turned out to take part in the 2017 "History and Holly" Home Tour hosted by the Covington Heritage Foundation. Six homes in the Jahncke Avenue area were on the tour, and participants took advantage of the cool beautiful weather to walk the oak-shaded streets from home to home. An open air tram was available for those who enjoyed riding.

Snow was still on the roofs of some of the homes from Friday's all-day snowfall, but skies were clear and blue for Sunday's event. Here are some photographs. Click on them to make them larger. 

The 2017 Covington Heritage Foundation History and Holly Home Tour  featured the following homes:

    The home at 406 S. Jahncke Avenue (pictured above) was built circa 1910.  The property was owned by William Kennedy in the first of the year 1901, and sold (after Kennedy’s death) to Mary J. Evans in September of 1901. In 1926, the home was acquired by Martin Sparacino (for $3300), and five years later, in 1931, Philip Burns and Bryan D. Burns Sr. acquired the property from Mr. Sparacino.
    In 1967, the Burns Partnership was partitioned, and shortly afterward Mrs. Manila Schultz Falterman acquired the property in exchange for property in Alexiusville to St. Tammany Homestead for the use and benefit of the Philip and Bryan D. Burns partnership. In 1969, the home was acquired by Henry Joseph Falterman Jr. from Manila Schultz Falterman.
    In 1982, the home was acquired against by Mrs. Manila Schultz Falterman from the succession of Henry Joseph Falterman Jr. Later that year, Jack R. Cahall acquired the property from Manila Schultz, the widow of Henry Joseph Falterman. In 1990, Annabelle Tedesco Heine and Charles A. Heine acquired the home from Mary Katherine Westbroon Cahall and Jack R. Cahall.
    In 1997, Michaele Willis Smith and Thomas J. Smith acquired the home from Annabelle and Charles A. Heine. In 1999 Elizabeth Wheeler and James Jacobs acquired the property from Michaele Willis Smith and Thomas J. Smith. In 2002, Thomas and Linda McCarthy acquired the home from James Jacobs and Elizabeth Sue Wheeler.

    The home located at 421 South Vermont Street was built around 1910. In 1884, Miss A.L. Kennedy acquired all of Square 10 at a tax sale for $13. In 1891, J. R. Hosmer acquired the property from Miss Kennedy. In 1892, Adolph A. Frederick acquired the property from J.R. Hosmer, with 120 feet fronting on Jahncke (then called Louisiana) and 240 feet on Vermont St., then called Monroe St.
    In 1942, the Frederick family acquired the property from the succession of Adolph A. Frederick. In 1943, St. Tammany Homestead acquired the home from Eva A. F. Usina, Clarice Frederick Guynn, Alma L. Frederick Schultz, Adolphine Federick Heintz, Dorris E. Frederick Snider, Jose J. Frederick Hyde, Adoph A. Frederick Jr. and Holly Louise Frederick.
    In 1943, Silas and Clarice Guynn acquired the home from St. Tammany Homestead for $1500. In 1945, Gladys and Joseph Ostendorf acquired the property from Silas L. Guynn and Clarice Frederick, the wife of Silas Guynn.)
    In 1950, Felix H. Lapeyre acquired the home from Gladys Crockett, the wife of Joseph L. Ostendorf. In 1959, St. Tammany Homestead acquired the property from Felix H. Lapeyre.

    The house located at 240 S. Massachusetts Street, was built around 1920.  In 1875, Arsene Hosmer acquired Square 21 from James R., Charles, William F., and Laura Hosmer. In 1909, in her will, Arlene Hosmer left the property to Laura Hosmer. In 1926, Amelia Loyd Leggett acquired the property from the succession of Laura R. Hosmer.
    In 1926, George McNulty and his wife Isabelle acquired the property from Amelia Loyd Leggett. In 1937, Isabella Waugh McNulty acquired the property from the succession of George McNulty. In the 1960’s, Margaret McNulty and John Petty McNulty purchased the home from the heirs of Isabella Waugh McNulty.  In 1976, Robin Louise Lawson Roy and Michael Aaron Roy purchased the home from Margaret Lillian McNulty and John Petty McNulty.
    In 1978, Jeanette Miltgenbeerger Olps and Robert D. Olps purchased the property from Robin Louise Lawson, the wife of Michael Aaron Roy. In 1988, Thomas Voelker and Susan Bernard Voelker purchase the home from Jeannette Miltgenbeerger.
    In 2004, the home was owned by Morris Neal et ux; in 2006 it was owned by William Gray; and in 2013, it was acquired by the Laborde Irrevocable Trust.

    The home located at 505 East Rutland Street, was built around 1920. In 1882, John Chaffe and son acquired the three lots from James O. Pool at a Sheriff’s sale. In 1887, John Chaffee acquired the three lots from William Chaffee, et al. In 1887, Edwin S. Ferguson acquired the lots from John Chaffee.
    In 1893, James J. Dowling acquired the lots from Edwin S. Ferguson.  In 1904, Eugene E. Smith acquired the lots from James J. Dowling.  In 1904, Jones & Pickett acquired the lots from Eugene E. Smith.  In 1911, Harold J. Williamson acquired the lots from the firm of Jones & Pickett.
    In 1916, Matilda FitzSimmons acquired the lots from Harold L. Williamson. In 1916, Clarence E. Schonberg acquired a portion of the lots from Matilda FitzSimmons. In 1924, Oliver J. Hebert acquired the lots from Clarence E. Schonberg and built the house. In 1926, Oliver J. Hebert acquired an additional lot from Mrs. F. J. Martindale.
    In 1952, Oliver J. Hebert acquired an adjacent lot from Mrs. Katie M. Martindale.  In 1968, Ann Hebert Wolf and Cecile Warren Hebert acquired the property from the succession of Oliver J. Hebert. In 1991, Ann Hebert Wolf acquired from the succession of Cecile Warren Hebert additional adjacent portions of the property. In 1992, Thomas J. and Maureen M. Chambless acquired the property from Ann Hebert Wolf. 

     The home located at 212 S. Jahncke Ave., was built around 1900.  In 1899, Frank P. Marsolan acquired a half interest in the property from Eugenie Bouvier and Joseph P. Bouvier, as well portions from Aldoph Frederick. In 1940, Vernon C. Marsolan, Norman F. Marsolan, and Shenton F. Marsolan were recognized as sole heirs to Frank P. Marsolan.
    In 1941, Dr. John George Harz obtained the property from Vernon G. Marsolan et al. In 1969, Crescentia Marie Bousseau Roberts et al acquired the home from the succession of Dr. John George Harz, further acquired by Mrs. Mary Celina Sawayaa Monsour Harz by deed. In 1976, Barbara Marie B Boudreaux Link and Everett Orman Link Jr. acquired the home from Arthur Leon Roberts.
    In 2004, Jahncke 212 LLC acquired the home from Everett Orman Link Jr. et ux. In 2005, Leslie Collins Draper and Douglas S. Draper acquired the home from Jahncke 212 LLC. In 2005, Melissa Lemoine Verges and Troy M. Verges acquired the home from Leslie Collins Draper and Douglas S. Draper.
    In 2009, Lauren Kolb Kessler and Avery A. Kessler acquired the home from Melissa Lemoine Verges and Troy M. Verges, and in 2011, Shawn M. Andrus and Stuart R. Andrus acquired the home from Lauren Kolb Kessler and Avery A. Kessler. 

        The house located at 426 East Rutland St., was built around 1927.