Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Legacy of Dr. James A. Harrison

Dr. James A. Harrison served as principal of Covington Rosenwald School for many years,  first appointed in 1924 and continuing until 1957. In his 33 years, he touched the lives of many children and teachers, encouraging many Rosenwald school graduates to go on to college and become educators themselves who returned to the community to teach. 

People who knew Dr. Harrison said he was strict, but caring, and he saw the potential in every student. He would talk a lot about life lessons, not just reading, writing and arithmetic. Click on the images to make them larger.

In 2013,  more than 100 Covington area residents attended a special ceremony to rededicate the James A. Harrison Curriculum Center, the newly-renovated structure which once housed historic Covington Rosenwald School. Former students and teachers at the school in the dedication ceremony's audience were in the audience. 

Former Rosenwald students and teachers

Those who now work at Harrison Curriculum Center appreciate its community legacy and its important history as the former Covington Rosenwald School. Former students sometimes visit the Harrison Curriculum Center and recognize their old classrooms from back when they were students at the school. 

Today the building is used for a wide variety of special education services, professional development, and for community meetings and sports activities. 


Before renovation

After renovation

The Covington Rosenwald School, now the Harrison Curriculum Center

Channel 13 Educational TV Video About Dr. James Harrison.
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