Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cannon Donated To Madisonville

The life of a Civil War cannon started in a foundry, then it was hauled across the South from one battle to another, skirmish after skirmish, fired, re-loaded, and fired again. Then 100 years later, hauled out again and refurbished for use in re-enactments of various Civil War battles.

 Undergoing Refurbishment

One such cannon was used on numerous occasions for re-enactments held occasionally in Bogue Falaya Park in Covington. 

It also served duty as a historical artifact for educational exhibits, and even had a gig as a showpiece at a local shopping center event. 

Eventually, however, it wound up, with great ceremony, as a landmark placed in front of the Madisonville Town Hall. CLICK HERE to see a video of the cannon being fired, and CLICK HERE for the ceremony that accompanied it being donated to the town hall for permanent placement. 

CLICK HERE to see the cannon's location in front of Madisonville Town Hall.