Thursday, August 18, 2016

Interested In Museums?

St. Tammany Parish offers a fascinating array of museums for those interested in history and more specialized fields. Many of these museums are located in old buildings which are of historical interest themselves.

Otis House, Fairview Riverside State Park, east of Madisonville

The old Madisonville town hall, which started out as a courthouse and jail with six cells, is now serving as the Madisonville Museum. Located at 201 Cedar street, the building was built in 1911. The town council met there until the new town hall and community center on the riverfront was built in 1976. The police department used it for a while, and then it became the Madisonville Museum on October 26, 1991. 

According to the website, this museum has exhibits on the local wildlife, the Civil War, Native American culture and the town jail. The Madisonville chamber of commerce has a website dedicated to Madisonville area history. It is located AT THIS LINK.

The Slidell Museum

The Slidell Museum is located at 2020 First Street in Slidell. It is also located in the old town jail. There are photographs and memorabilia as well as exhibits  on the South's role in the War Between the States. According to the tourist commission, the exhibit includes reproductions of military uniforms and weapons and features recorded audio. The Mardi Gras Museum Collection includes over 800 pieces of Carnival memorabilia-dresses, costumes, scepters, goblets and throws and historical scrapbooks of past kings and queens.

The Covington Trailhead Museum


Here is a list, complete with links, of some of the many museums in St. Tammany Parish.

St. Tammany Parish History Museums

Abita Springs Trailhead Museum, 22044 Main St., Abita Springs,  (985) 817-5327

Bayou Lacombe Museum, 61115 S. St. Mary St. Lacombe,

Covington Trailhead Museum, 419 N. New Hampshire St., Covington, (985) 892-1873

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, 133 Mabel Drive, Madisonville, (985) 845-9200,

Madisonville Museum, 201 Cedar St., Madisonville, (985) 845-2100

Mandeville Trailhead Museum, Visitors Center, 675 Lafitte Street, Mandeville, (985) 624-3149

Mandeville Museum, Lang House, 605 Carroll Street, Mandeville, (504) 723-7714

Otis House Museum, 119 Fairview Dr., Madisonville, (985) 845-4010

Pearl River & Honey Island Museum and Research Center, 39437 Hwy. 41 Spur,  (985) 863-5040

Slidell Museum, 2065 Second St., Slidell, (985)646-6118

Smith's Son General Merchandise Store Museum, 308 N. Columbia St., Covington, (985) 892-0460.

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