Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Talent Bank Column

In 1985 I began writing a weekly column called "The Talent Bank." It featured the stories of and interviews with some of St. Tammany's best known (and lesser known) artists. The aim of the column was to focus on what people could do to discover, develop and use their own creative talents. Here is the first column. Click on the image below to enlarge the text. 

The St. Tammany Parish Government recognizes outstanding artistic talent each year with its President's Awards program. This past year's winners were the following:

Lifetime Achievement in the Arts – Emery Clark
Native Son Award – Marty Sixkiller
Visual Artist of the Year – Adam Sambola
Culinary Artist of the Year – Michael Fredrick
Arts Patron of the Year – Carlos Sanchez and David Fennelly
Performing Artist of the Year – Gary Mendoza
Literary Artist of the Year – David Armand
Musical Artist of the Year – Bobby Ohler
President’s Award – St. Tammany Art Association

Parish President Pat Brister stated, “Each year, when we celebrate the President’s Arts Awards, the foundational significance of the arts in our community is reinforced. We are fortunate in that we have the distinct privilege of enjoying the talents of world-renowned artists here, so very close to home. We look forward to the development of our Cultural Arts District and Performing Arts Center — a place where these artists, as well as future generations of artists — can showcase their talents so that every  person can experience the richness of the arts in many forms.”

For information on the parish government's Commission on Cultural Affairs, CLICK HERE.

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In 1984, I wrote an article for the Chamber of Commerce Magazine about the growing efforts to market the artwork produced by St. Tammany artists.