Monday, May 3, 2021

Photoshoot In Downtown Covington

 I decided to take a walk around downtown Covington and shoot a few pictures this morning. It was a bright and windy day, so it looked promising.

Here are the pictures that resulted. Click on the images to increase the size.

The Mackie House 



The recent high water had left a large amount of sand on the riverbank.

A riveside retreat


The Columbia Landing Arch Column and front porches
At Columbia Landing, I met a couple from Nashville, TN, who were visiting Covington to attend a local high school graduation. They were quite impressed with Covington, and we talked about other interesting towns, particulary Laurel, Miss., now with its own TV show on HGTV. 
I gave them a little history of Columbia Landing and the Southern Hotel. I hope they enjoy their stay and appreciated the breezy day in downtown Covington.