Monday, May 10, 2021

Bayou Castine Bridge

 Bayou Castine in Mandeville was a busy place over the past 150 years. Here is a picture showing two men shrimping in the bayou in the years prior to 1920. 

Shrimping in Bayou Castine (La. Digital Archives)

Justin Bel over on Facebook had a much clearer version of the above photo.

 The next photo was found in the Louisiana State Museum collections. It shows the rickety old bridge that used to cross Bayou Castine in Mandeville at the end of Reine Street, near the harbor. The bridge led to the area now known as Fontainebleau State Park. The picture was reportedly taken in 1895. 

The bridge was one of the selling features that Bernard de Marigny put into his sales contracts when he started selling lots in his Quartier de Mandeville development. 

For more information on the bridge, CLICK HERE.

Percy Viosca Jr. took this picture of Bayou Castine in 1923

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