Monday, July 5, 2021

4th of July in 1941 Madisonville

Some 80 years ago, Madisonville celebrated Fourth of July pageantry in 1941 as shown in these photographs. George Mire, Sr.‘s family lived in the Otis House in Houltonville, while he was building his family a beautiful home across the road on Hwy 22, so the background in these photos are probably the Otis House yard.

Marilyn “Suggie” Mire

Left to right are Marilyn “Suggie” Mire, Janice Mire, and J.E. Cardone

 Getting ready for the big event are, from left to right, L-R: Janice Mire, age 4, Louise Badeaux Mire, Suggie Mire, Jackie Davenport, and J. E. Cardone, age 12.

 Queen Marilyn, Suggie, Mire (age 12), and  King: J. E. Cardone  in photo taken at Otis House. 
Group photos at the community house