Friday, July 9, 2021

Street Map 1973

 In 1973, some 48 years ago, Commercial National Bank published a street map of Covington, Mandeville and Madisonville. Here it is. Click on the images below to make them larger. 

Front Cover
Bank Branch Photographs

 Area Description

Covington Side
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The train track east of Covington was labeled the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad and the train track west of Covington, going towards Hammond, was labeled the Gaylord Container Corp railroad. 

Madisonville Map

Mandeville Map

At the far right side of the map, at the east end of Nancy and Armand Streets, was Sunset Park

Mandeville Side 

Interstate 12's route was marked with a dotted line and labeled "Under Construction." The town hall in Madisonville was still in the two story Madisonville Museum building, and the town hall in Mandeville was still on Jefferson Street. 

According to the inset map, top right corner, there was a Tourist Information Office on U.S. Hwy 90 across the road from the Reptile Jungle/White Kitchen.