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Ozonia Health Resort, a Covington Tradition

The Ozonia health resort in Covington was open the year round and patronized by guests from all States and Canada. It was described as sunny and warm in wintry weather, and ideal in spring when its spacious grounds were abloom with wild azaleas, yellow jasmine and purple wisteria.

An early postcard of the Ozonia Rest Cure
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"Cool and shady in summer, surrounded by grand old oaks and health giving pines," the description of the facility went on to say. "Alluring in autumn, when the bracing air invited to walks" in the forest and boating on the Bogue Falia River.

The tables were supplied with the best the market affords and the purest of artesian water, the Ozonia promised. "Modern in every aspect, sanitary plumbing, gas, hot and cold water baths, here there is no danger of malaria or yellow fever." 

Ozonia Rest Cure

Located on America Street at the corner of 17th Avenue, the Ozonia Rest Cure conducted by Dr. Geo. R. Tolson was a beautifully situated private home-like resort for those desirous of "real rest and recreation."

 It was situated right in the heart of the Ozone belt on the outskirts of Covington. The grounds were laid out as a natural park and comprised twelve acres overlooking the scenic Bogue Falaya River.   Through these grounds were well-kept walks and drives and an ideally rustic environment. The grounds were "delightfully" shaded with oaks, magnolias, pines, and other trees. 

 The Ozonia in a later postcard

The water supply was touted as abundant and perfectly pure; home comforts, home cooking made the Ozonia Rest Cure a place never to be forgotten. The house was open throughout the year and had accommodations for as many as thirty guests.  The owners assured guests that there was a "perfect" system of heating, hot and cold baths and other con­veniences.

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The Ozonia was just one of several facilities in Covington and Abita Springs where visitors could recuperate from illness, stress, and various addictions.  The right combination of pine-scented air, pure water, the rivers, the oak trees and the flowers helped many thousands of sick and over-stressed people recover their health and balance.

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