Tuesday, October 11, 2016

1959 Covington Phone Book Yellow Pages

To view a PDF file of the 1959 Covington Phone Book Yellow Pages Business Directory, CLICK HERE.  Disclaimer: These ads contain phone numbers from 57 years ago, so the numbers are not up-to-date. This document is for historical information purposes only and should not be used to actually call anyone or any business. 

Here's the cover and some sample pages:

The business listings cover Covington, Folsom, Abita Springs, Madisonville, Mandeville and Lacombe. 

Just as an illustration, here is the list of hotels and motels you will find in this PDF yellow pages file from 1959:

  • Dew Drop Inn, 330 West 29th Avenue
  • Long Branch Hotel, Abita Springs
  • Meyers Hotel and Cafe, East Gibson
  • Southern Hotel, 428 East Boston
  • Audubon Hotel, Lake St., Mandeville
  • Georgian Manor Hotel, Mandeville
  • Mandeville Hotel, Covington Highway
  • Green Springs Hotel, Military Road
  • Hurston's Pine Manor Motel, Mandeville Highway
  • Jim's Courts, Claiborne Hill
  • Mount Vernon Motel, Mandeville Highway

  • Pine Manor Motel, Mandeville Highway
  • Pretty Acres Motel and Country Club, Mandeville Highway
  • Oak Park Motel, Hwy 190 Madisonville
  • Cliff's Motel, Lake St., Mandeville
  • Hollowell Motel, Big Branch
  • Ozone Tourist Court, Mandeville Highway