Sunday, October 16, 2016

Local National Guard Branch Organizes

In 1948, an organizational meeting for the Covington branch of the Louisiana National Guard was held in the Talley Feed & Seed warehouse on North Columbia Street. Here is a photo of the men attending that first session. Click on the image to make it appear larger. 

From left to right, seated, are Capt. Paul King of Bogalusa who served as commanding officer for 30 days, Dickey Loyd, Barney Core, Herbert Joiner, John L. Cannon, Troy Bruhl, Bill Mathies, Alfred Loga, Dudley Parker, Hershel Cox, Harry Grant, Leonard Fitzmorris, Buddy Sharp and Carol Bougere. 

On the second row, from left, are Mickey Champagne, Roy Allison, Aaron Arnold O'Keefe, Frank Coco Artus, Leroy Jourdan, James H. Rogers, Ben O'Keefe, Huey McIntyre, Austin Glass, Leonard Camaille, (unidentified), Douglas Brossette, Marcel Valois, Hodge Kiefer, Hank Ferrer, Julian "Abe" Mathies, Maurice Rogers, and Barney Carey. 

Standing from left to right are two unidentified men, Charles Jourdan, Bill Bryson, Henry Keller of Lacombe, Larry Burns, Jack Bossier, Herman Sharp, (unidentified), Jim Bradley, Royce Arthur, Fred Blossman, Bert Bickham, Leonard Willette, Harold "Chitter" West, John Strain, Ted Willems, Larry Boudet, and Philip Swett.