Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Potting Machine Excites Nurserymen

Normally, there's not much to get excited about when you are growing thousands of plants for nurseries and landscapers all across the South. But one day in July of 1972 was pretty exciting for St. Tammany nursery owners when a new machine was unveiled in the Folsom area. Here's the article that gave the details. Click on it for a larger view of the article that revolutionized the potting of plants. 

Among the many names mentioned in the article are Price McGee, Jack McGee, Clarence Mizell, Edward Mizell, Jim Loyd, Bryant Jenkins, Vick Sharp, Bill Lacroix, Al Pittman, Don Jackson, Jim Foret, Rene Casadaban, Dennis McCloskey, Sherwood Loyd, Freddie Jenkins, and Bob Blackwell.

An aerial photograph of Windmill Nurseries from Google Maps