Sunday, January 6, 2019

CHS Football Wall of Fame

Over at the Covington High School webpage, there is a link to the CHS Football "Wall of Fame." The webpage offers an overview of the outstanding football players from Covington High over the past several decades, from 1966 to 2007. There are photographs, stats, and a variety of information.

Here is what the page looks like:

To visit the Wall of Fame webpage, click on the link below:

The top photo box with the blue "Football Wall of Fame" button brings up a video that launches your video player and shows a number of pictures.

The bottom row of montage photos offers a decade-by-decade look at the football players, but it brings up Microsoft Powerpoint shows, and since everyone doesn't have Powerpoint, I have converted those presentations to PDF files that most everyone can enjoy. The material was put together by Dwayne Kelly, Sebastian Pastor and Emily Galiano. Please bear in mind that most of this information is more than 10 years old so it is not current. Here are the links: 

1966 to 1974:

1975 to 1980:

1980 to 1990:

1991 to 2007: