Monday, January 7, 2019

The Chamber Auxiliary

 The Covington Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary kept very busy in the 1980's conducting spring garden tours, helping the chamber in a number of ways, and even putting up a welcoming entrance sign to Covington. 

The history of the auxiliary of the Greater Covington Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary was told in an article published in the 1981 annual chamber magazine. Here it is. Click on the image to make it larger. 

The group helped showcase new business accomplishments.

Past presidents of the Greater Covington Chamber Auxiliary

Among the women who took leadership roles in the Chamber Auxiliary were Donis Jenkins, Judy Bloom, Katie Friedrichs, Lib Milhan, Pat Clanton, Meda Koepp, Darleen Holden, Fritzi Martin and Becky Gelatt. They were well-known for their annual Clean-Up campaigns. They also took part in many beautification programs and the Chamber's monthly "Best Appearance" award. 

The chamber auxiliary was also active with the "Olde Towne Festival" in the mid-1980's. It also helped purchase or find donations of desks and other office furniture for chamber use.

The book "The History of Covington Cemetery No. 1" was published in 1988 by the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary. Entitled "The Legends of Covington Cemetery No. 1: Covington, LA, 175th Anniversary 1813-1988" the 166-page book contains volumes of information about the cemetery and who is buried within.

The group was one of the sponsors of the "Restoration in Progress" efforts to clean up and restore the looks of Covington Cemetery No. 1 back in the 1990's. CLICK HERE for more information about that project.

The group also had speakers of interest address the group at its regular meetings. Mrs. Amos Neff once addressed the Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary about the history of Covington, particularly the more interesting tidbits about taxes and civic obligations. CLICK HERE for more information.