Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ralph Menetre Remembers

Longtime area resident Ralph Menetre was born in Covington, went to school in Covington, and taught school in Covington for many years. 

Here is his story, from an interview with Marian Arrowsmith a few years ago on the School System's Channel 13 television program "Reflections." Click on the play triangle in the middle of the image below to start the video.

Coach Jack Salter, CHS Principal Roslyn Hanson, and Ralph Menetre

Celebrating Covington's Bicentennial

The dedication of the C. J. Schoen Administrative Complex in 2007 also brought together some former principals who served as administrators during the history of the building. Principals who came to see the results of the renovation of the building included, front row, left to right, Ralph Menetre, Roxanne Lagarde, Ronnie Pogue, and back row, left to right, Lawton McKee, Jack Loup, and Henri Ferrer. 

Above is a group photograph of the Lyon High 1945 Boys Varsity Basketball Team in Covington. On the bottom row, left to right: Jimmy Riley, Hezzie Fauntleroy, Ralph Menetre, Ronnie Pogue, Buck Monlezun, and Cyp Schoen. On the top row, left to right: Coach Hubie Gallagher, Fred Terry, Troy Jackson, Huey Thompson, Henri Ferrer, Manuel Dugas, and Ball Boy Hubie Gallagher, Jr., at bottom.

A photo of Herbie Clairain's baseball team. Members included L.A. Bubba Davenport, Troy Jackson, Bussy Mire, Henri Ferrer, James McLachlan Jr., Ralph Menetre Jr., Leo Stroble, Robert LaBorde, Sam Blossman, Emile Judge Seely, Ronnie Pogue, Robert Fuhrmann Myers, Jack Tannehill, with Hubie Gallagher kneeling at the right.