Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Downtown Covington Website

I recently created a new website that focuses on downtown Covington: its history, people, and shopping. Over the past two years a large number of articles have appeared on the "Tammany Family" blog spotlighting the downtown Covington area, so I thought it would be convenient to have all those consolidated on a website of their own. 

Here is a link to the new website:

When I started looking at all those downtown articles, I realized that a good many of them dealt with art and artists, even many of the business owners are artists or musicians. There are certainly a number of galleries, arts and crafts shops, architecturally outstanding buildings, and several outdoor public works of art. 

Then add to that the number of art-centered events that take place over the year. Not only is Columbia Street the scene of several art showcases throughout the year, but there are monthly art marketplaces, block parties, art walks, etc. The Farmer's Market, a kind of weekly gallery of the agricultural arts, is a favorite, and the many restaurants and cafes are certainly engaging in the culinary arts every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The next time you are in downtown Covington notice that Covington has a vibrant downtown district. Many towns across America have lost theirs. Thanks goes to all the investors and building owners who have spent the money to fix up and maintain all the great old buildings in the downtown area. A large number of professionals offices are tucked away in many of the downtown buildings, so much of the work that goes on there is not even visible to visitors passing by.

It's a place filled with old general merchandise stores, feed and seed stores, and an assortment of beauty salons and barber shops, but it also has excellent dress shops, antique shops, photographer studios, and health food stores. You may not be an artist when you visit downtown Covington, but you will certainly feel the vibes and see works of art every where you look.

Here is a link to the introduction to the downtown Covington website. I particularly like the last sentence: "Downtown Covington is the place to be to be the artist you are." So whether you create art, collect art, or just appreciate looking at art, there's a place for you in downtown Covington, Louisiana.