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People & Places In Madisonville - 1919

Here are a few brief articles about the people and places in Madisonville in January of 1919, from the pages of the St. Tammany Farmer newspaper one hundred years ago. Click on the images to make them larger. 

January 11,1919

Prominent People and Enterprises of Madisonville

Mayor O.J. Oulliber

In recent years Madisonville has made material progress and development. The population has materially increased and to-day it ranks as one of the leading industrial towns of the State. In its progress and growth Mr. O. J. Oulliber has taken an active interest.

He has served as Mayor of Madisonville for sixteen years. So faithfully has he fulfilled the duties of this public office that he has been re­-elected at each election. Mr. Oulliber is a man of rare judgment and has shown unusual ability as a man of public affairs. 

He has always shown the greatest amount of in­terest in the town's development, and has been active in everything calculated to benefit the community.

As a man of public trust, it may truly be said that there is not a more honorable man for the office, for he has executed the duties of the trust in a most satisfactory way and has managed the affairs of the city with the same care and judgment be would have taken in his own private business.

That he has won the esteem of the people of the town is shown by the strong support he has received at the last several elections. He is also Justice of the Peace and devotes considerable of his time to the duties of this office.

He was born and raised here, is widely known and highly esteemed by his friends and acquaintances.

Dendinger Merchantile Company, Inc.

Madisonville is indeed fortunate in having such a splendid mercantile establishment as that conducted by the Dendinger Mercantile Company, Inc., a concern that dates its inception back to the early history of the town and has grown up with the community.

The business of this enterprising concern has grown from a modest beginning to the large proportion of today. It now stands as the largest and most completely stocked general merchandise establishment in this section.

The store is large and spacious and is stocked throughout with practically everything that could he called for. The concern has  learned the trade and knows just what to carry in stock to meet the demands of everyone, whether in Madisonville or in the country, for this concern has built up an unusual trade among the country folks as well as those of the town.

The rural trade is urgently solicited, and it is the express desire of the management to carry in stock such wares or articles demand­ed by these people. While the quality of merchandise carried by this concern is unquestionably of high character, yet the prices are reasonably moderate, because they buy in large quantities taking advantage of discounts and do not have high rents to pay like the larger stores of this kind in the cities.  

The Dendinger Mercantile Company gives their trade the benefit of all of these advantages. That they are appreciated is reflected  by the steady and material growth of the business from year to year. 1918 has been one of the most successful years for the business for many new customers are now trading here as well as practically all of those who have been dealing here for years.  

The stock is such as to please everyone.   It includes a full and complete line of groceries, all kinds of meats and supplies, vegetables, house furnishings and supplies, supplies for women and children as well as suits and complete supplies for men; paints, auto accessories, trunks, suit cases, and a full supply of farm tools and implements.

Theodore Dendinger, who is president  of  the Dendinger Mercantile Company, is a man of broad business experience and has done considerable towards  making Madisonville the splendid little city it is today.

J. N. Cornet, who actively manages the business of this splendid enterprise, is a wide-awake business man of training and experience.    In directing the affairs of this large business enterprise, he has shown rare judgment and ability.   Under his  management the business has continued to grow and prosper, which is the best possible tribute to the ability of this able business man.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Canulette

Among the prominent and leading families of Madisonville is that of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Canulette,   who are widely and favorably  known over the entire parish.  

They are among the older residents here and their presence and interest in the growth of the town and community has been quite advantageous. They have always shown splendid disposition to assist in, any way calculated   to benefit the community.

They are large property owners in this section.  They have a very charming daughter. Miss Mary, who is well known and very popular.

Old Port Hole Inn

The Old Port Hole Inn, which is a landmark in Madisonville, Louisiana, is now conducted by Mrs. D. E. Overstreet. Mrs. Overstreet has been in the hotel business here for more than a year, having taken charge of the hotel in November of last year.

The hotel has accommodations for forty or fifty people and serves meals to all who care to patronize this hotel. Many changes and improvements have been made and this little hotel now is in first class order with shower baths, electric lights, running water in every room with other modern conveniences. The hotel is located one block from the Jahncke shipyard.

Also, J. LeBlanc General Merchantile...