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Everybody In Town Helped Rebuild Park

When flood waters swept through Bogue Falaya Park and destroyed the pavilion in the summer of 1916, city leaders joined together and declared "Park Day," a special day when all able bodied citizens were to meet at the park, join work crews, and remove the debris and save all the materials possible so the pavilion could be rebuilt.

It was quite an effort. Most all the businesses in town closed for the day and sent their employees to the park to help. A huge effort made sure that enough lunches were on hand to feed the dozens of workers. 

Bogue Falaya Park was a key community gathering place back in 1916, so everyone knew they had to pitch in and together rebuild the pavilion and restore the park, which had only been opened a few years before. 

A special bonus of the following news article (which appeared in the July 29, 1916, St. Tammany Farmer) is that every one of the businesses that were closing was listed in print, and every citizen who had signed up to work that day (or send a substitute if they couldn't make it) was named. So here are a lot of community names all in one place, many of them familiar, many of them not so familiar. 

Park Day Will See All Loyal Citizens At Work

News Article July 29, 1916

Men Whose Hands Have Never Known a Callous Spot to Work in Gangs


Whistle of Ice Factory Will Sound Time for Work, for Dinner and Knock Off.

There was a combined meeting of committees from the Park Commission, The Association of Commerce and the town council, Tuesday after noon at 3 o'clock.

There were present: Mayor Lacroix, J. H. Warner, H. A. Mackie, D. I. Addison, C. E. Schonberg, L. M. Bourgeois, C. C. Kornfeld, members, and secretary Seller.

L. M. Bourgeois, C. C. Kornfeld, and D. I. Addison were appointed to a committee to ask the merchants to close on August 3, 1916, the day being set apart for the restoration of Bogue Falaya Park, and that a list of those agreeing to close be reported.

A. V. Smith, Jasper E. Nilson and H. A. Mackie were appointed a committee to see the ladies about furnishing lunch on the park grounds on that day.

The question of providing the ladies with sheltered accommodations for preparing and serving lunoheon wad discussed, and it was agreed that proper provision would be made for this.

It was suggested that the St. Tammany Ice and Manufacturing Co. be asked to allow Mr. Barrenger to remove the electric wiring from the pavilion, as he understood the work and would be a valuable assistant.

Mr. Charles Jenkins, C. V. Quave, Frank Boudousqui and Pete Barelli are to be requested to take charge of separate gangs, so that the work may be laid out in a practical and efficient manner and the lumber be saved with as little damage as possible.

(Mr. Lawrence M. Bourgeois agreed to bring his team and employees to assist In the work of hauling, etc. He will have four men with him.

Mr. Mackie stated that it should be understood that while the people in their patriotism, were giving their labor free to the town, August 3 was to be a work day and not a play day Everybody must work, and if anyone got tired or could not stand the work, he was to report immediately to the foreman and be retired. This was for the good of the cause.

There was work to be accomplished and it could not be accomplished with men unable or too tired to work. Those who did not feel that they were abl3 to do the work might employ substitutes to take their places. Workmen are to be on hand at 8 a. m. if possible.

It was also decided to remove the shells from the roof of the pavilion as there were enough shells to make it pay to do this, and that an effort was to be made to save the tar paper by cutting it off in strips. Instructions were given to ask Commissioner Dullon to superintend this work.

Special attention was called to the fact that there would be more tools needed than could be obtained unless the volunteers brought them. It was therefore requested that everybody bring a hatchet or hammer and a crowbar. A few sledgehammers will also be needed.

(Mayor Lacroix stated that the town could furnish teams on that day.

The whistles of the St. Tammany Ice and Manufacturing Co., will blow at 8 o'clock a. m. for work to begin and will blow at the noon hour fo dinner, at 1 p. m. to begin work again and at 5 p. m. to knock off.

All those who the committee have not been able to see are cordially invited to send In their names immediately, if they desired to participate in the work of restoring the park.   

All workers are requested to report at Bogue Falaya Park at 8 a. m. promptly, that they may be assigned to their gang. Foreman are requested to report at 9 a., m. Sunday, July 30, to meet the committee In charge and lay out the work.

The attention of the ladles is called to the fact that the men are doing the heavy work and are leaving to them the task of preparing the luncheon.   The management and organization of committee, etc., and all preparations for this part of the work, except the preparing of quarters, will be in their hands.   It is supposed that donations of cakes and other things will be liberally made by the   people.  Money from this source will be credited to the building fund of the pavilion.

The regular dinner will be served for 25 cents. It will consist of Gumbo, rice spaghetti, or red beans, meat bread and butter and coffee. Mrs. Gabriel will prepare the dinner, with the exception of the gumbo, which will be made at the Mackie home and brought over.

Following is a list of those who have consented to close up on Park Day, Thursday, August 3, 1916

Those business which will close up.

Mrs. S.   Garcia,   Champagne & Duplantls, Herbert Grocery Co., Lawrence M. Bourgeois, C. C. Kornfeld, A. C. McCormack, D. I. Addison, & Co., P. E. Smith, Geo. A. Ryan, Jos. Federico, Paul J. Lacroix, Segond & Fontan, F. C. FitzSimmons, Grocery Co., Smith Hardware Co. Ltd., A. V. Smith, Covington Bank and Trust Co., H. J. Ostendorf, Nilson Frederick Co., F. P. Marsolan, Jan Connaughton,   Aug.  Coig,   H. J Smith's Sons, Louis David & Son: Frank Patecek, Fred Hartley, Julia Heints.   Ozone   Motor Co.,   W. H Kentsel,   St.   Tammany Bank and Trust Co., Alexius Brothers and Co., Theobald    Brothers,    Wehrli & Therlot, A. J. Blanche & Co., W N. Patrick, E. G. del Corral, Theo Zinzer, L. R. Reeves, A. Sawaya. M Sawaya, A. M. Amasen, W. R. Badon E. M. LeBlanc, Mrs. Preston Burns W. A. Fauntleroy, Ulyssus Depriest, E. Romano, Robt. L. Aubert, W. Cannon, A. LeBlanc, E. E. LeBlanc. E Hmik, Jos. M. (Morgan ft Co., Pau Herbes, Planche and Per bos, Paul Laborde, Jr., Covington Grocery and Grain Co.

A List of the Workers

The following have agreed to work or furnish substitutes:

B. M. Smith, D. I. Addison, C. C Kornfeld, Lawrence M. Bourgeois, A J. Lajaunie, E. R. Morrison, Wm. Champagne, Gaston Duplantls, E. D Kentsel, Robert Badon, Fred Combe, W. E. Boes, C. P. (Bovivel, C. W. Poole, Jr., Leon Herbert, N. M. Hebert,  A. C. McCormack. R. C. Moisr J. E. Stanga, R. L. White, Claud Smith, P. E. Smith, C. E. Schonberg, F. J. Martlndale, F. C. Loret N. J. Seller, Geo. R. Tolson. Mrs.G.R. Tolson, Geo. A. Ryan, D. H. Mason. H. A. Mackie. L. Young, W. RIggs, John Stalks, Louis P. Pechon, J. L. Watkins, Vincent J. Pascal, H B. Pruden, Sam Oaserta

J. M. Simmons, A. D. Schwartz, M. P. Planche, S. J. Frederick. W. E. Blossman, N Gillis, T. E. Brewster, W. Galatas, T. M. Burns, Sam Blossman, Chas H. Sheffield, Jacob Seller. G. C. Lewis. L. E. Boucoudray, D. H. Weaver, W. R. Kennedy, V. H. Frderick, M. Nielsen, F. Genovese, Paul J Lacroix, Jos. Federico, C. O. Hendricks, Emile Frederick, Paul J. Laborde, Case Segond, Ben Fontan, N. H. FitzSimmons, H. Bosquet, Hardy H. Smith, W. H. Smith, L. A. Perreand, R. H Dutsch, E. G. Davis, E. R. Mosef, H. E. Ostendorf, J. F. Buquoi, Mackie Pine Product Co., J. E. Nilson, Ed. J. Menetre. F. P. Marsolan, Jar Connaughton

Jas. Smith, Ivy Champagne, Adam Seller, E. W. Jones E. J. (LeBlanc, A. Frederick, Aug Coig, J. Louis Smith, Louis David Jr., Emile Lacroix, Frank Patecek, Fred. Hartley, G. P. Molloy, Schoer and Molloy, J. S. Lambert, Alexiud Bros. and Co., Wm. Biery, James Mullally, C. V. Quave, E. V. Richard, J. H. Warner, Chas. Theobald, E Theobald, A. Theobald. Wehrli and Theriot, Louis B. Ahadie, J. B. Christia, Thos. J. Champagne, Victor Planche, W. N. Patrick G. Sawaya, C. M. Lazarus, A. Sawaya, Loz Surr, W. R. Badon, P. A. Burns, Emil Peyre, J. Aouellle, Ulyssus Depriest

E. Romano, A. LeBlanc, C. Duvolssir, E. E. LeBlanc, L.   Rushing,   A. J. Planche. A. E. Massman, Paul Hereby, Aug. Verges, St. Tammany Ice and Manufacturing Co., M. P. Planche, Julius Heintz, A. Perbos, W H. Kentzel, A. H. Grimmer, J. H. Lambert,  Edward  Alpuente, Bernard Commenge, Albert Rochenshu and Son, Harvey E. Ellis, and Pineland Springs Bottling Co.

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